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Free Broadband!

Free High Speed Connection Offered through JUICE!
  • Connect at 2MB (2000kbps), faster than broadband & ADSL speeds
  • 4 times quicker than existing broadband
  • 40 times faster than dial-up
  • The ONLY alternative to broadband & itís FREE!
  • No contract or fees ever!
  • It costs nothing. Zero! Zip! Nada! It's FREE!
  • All you need is a phone line & standard 9,600kbps modem or higher
  • Works on a PC or Mac
  • Available worldwide, works anywhere
  • Easy to install & simple to use
  • No cabling, engineers & no need to alter your PC
  • No Advertisements, runs in the background undetected
  • Revolutionary new & unique technology
  • What are you waiting for? Juice up your connection now!

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Juice - Free Broadband!

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